The Biggest Mistakes I Made Starting an Online Business and 

The Top 10 “Must Have” Tools For Growing A Remote Business In 2017

Striving To Become Your favorite "baby boomer" online marketer and entrepreneur

My name is Ted Sikkink and I would like to thank you for visiting my site. My intention is to help you avoid the many mistakes I have made until recently. I'll give you the link to another page referring to the 7 biggest mistakes one can make when starting your online business and I must humbly admit  I made 6 out of those 7 mistakes.

I was originally born in Amsterdam, Netherlands (aka Holland) and moved to Belgium with my parents when I was 13 years old. Cutting a long story short I quit the photography school when I was 20 and than joined the music business working for various companies including Warner for whom I worked for 22 years the last 10 years of which as managing director (sr.vp) in charge of the Benelux countries (Netherlands/Belgium/Luxemburg). After leaving the music bizz  in 1997 I than did a number of interim management jobs in various sectors and than became a management consultant working for several performance & productivity companies. My last job in the corporate world was one of outplacement consultant in which I helped people to prepare and find a new job after having been let go by their former employer. Fast forward a couple of years I somehow stumbled upon the concept of internet marketing and went on a huge trip to learn more about  all the fabulous claims made by the guru's and would be guru's (and that includes a lot of snake oil types) and signed up for tons of newsletters, felll victim to the "shiny object syndrome " and waster massive amount of time and money pursuing all sorts of programs and thinking I could deal with all that learning like if I was in college (following 12/16 different courses) .

This is how I learned part or whole of the main online marketing strategies like content creation with blog building a.o. generating traffic with paid advertising like ppc,social,ppv ,email marketing etc.

What I didn't do was building a list (see my biggest mistakes above);

I even tried mlm for a while and failed miserably since I wasn't really keen on becoming a leader and be on tthe phone all day trying to sell people on the product or services of the related forward to the 4th quarter of 2016 I got serious about the objectives I was working on and in other words seriously improve my focus.

This is how I teamed up with several very succesful online entrepreneur's like keith baxter and charles kirkland and working under their guidance to build an email list of 100.000 people within 12 months.

It is on this journey that I'd like to invite you to join me so I can help you take advantage of the things I have learned and allow you to avoid the big mistakes most people make when starting online and speed up your road to online success. Let's make this happen! Sincerely, Ted Sikkink